Distance Selling Regulations

I hate to tell you this, but one reading of the Distance Selling Regulations implies that you should refund postage EVEN IF there’s nothing at all wrong with the item! I quote:

The DSRs require you to refund any money paid by or on behalf of

the consumer in relation to the contract to the person who made the

payment. This means the full price of the goods, or deposit or prepayment

made, including the cost of delivery. The essence of

distance selling is that consumers buy from home and receive goods

at home. In these circumstances, almost every case of home

shopping will involve delivery of the goods ordered and so delivery

forms an essential part of the contract.

We were so appalled by this quite honestly mad idea that we rang to check - and were told that yes, this was correct, we should refund postage. I would have to say that I have yet to come across any other website which would willingly do this - perhaps because this comes across as bonkers!!

Yup… It is bonkers but the way of the UK anyway…

Lets hope we dont get many returns :wink:

Talk about an easy way to go bankrupt…

This is nothing new or spectacular. It’s the same in most countries. Some countries have 30 days some have 14.

Just make sure that they pay shipping cost for sending back products.

Hi Zyles

Good point.

I don’t know the local laws but the unsaid principal is that postage is a third party service and is not refunded what ever the circumstances (unless someone make a really big ****up)

Also most businesses make up thier own terms and conditions prior to the sale

Your own t&c’s are fine as long as people are happy to go along with them…

If they wished to take it further, I beleive your own T&C’s would be took into account if the user is specifically asked to acknowledge them and read them before a purchase, however the true laws would more than likely win…

Personally, I tend to respect the distance selling laws and will always try and resolve something… I suppose the key is… more information, more pictures and more specific descriptions make returns a lot less common…


I agree and this is where the dynamic tabs will come into it’s own.

Ading extra tab for more information,

Manufactures information.


Technical specification.

And so on, clearly put in front of the customer behind tabs, and the more detailed images the better.

As you say “more information, more pictures and more specific descriptions make returns a lot less common”.