Disregard product options when calculating quantity discounts:

Using the latest version. This option is checked:

“Disregard product options when calculating quantity discounts:”

However, it is not working as advertised. Using this page:


Discount starts at 5 or more items. But, if you order 4 with blue lettering, then 4 with red lettering, it still shows the non discounted price instead of the price for 8.

I checked the database and the value is Y.

Is there another setting I am missing?

remove the tick from the box.


[quote name='johnbol1' timestamp='1351435399' post='147845']

remove the tick from the box.



This is counter-intuitive and did not work. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Just for the record, my profile seems to think I am a “trail user”, which I am not. I have purchased multiple copies of CS Cart.

Secondly, while I know quicker responses are available if I purchase support tickets, I am not asking about a special application here. I am talking about an “out of the box” functionality that apparently has either a bug or otherwise will not work.

Can someone help?