Displaying store wide discount on individual product page

With CS Cart you have the option to give your individual volume discount at product level (so buy 2 or more of this product and receive x% discount) and/or store wide discount (buy 2 or more products and receive x% discount, buy 3 or more products and receive x% discount etc etc.

By default, this discount is displayed on the product page for an individual volume discount, but if there is a store wide discount, it will not be displayed on the individual product page.

I would like if there is no individual volume discount that the store wide discount is displayed on the product page as in this example https://i.imgur.com/FFufk47.png

Is this also desired by others, how difficult is this to implement?

Do I understand correctly that your “store wide discounts” are set via cart promotions?
If yes, then they are never displayed on product card, and never will because cart promotions can have various conditions preventing them from being actually active for customer browsing the products.

If your quantity discounts are constant across all products, then I think you could also mass-set them to all products through database.

You are correct yes, “store wide discounts” are set via cart promotions and therefor are not displayed on the product page. We however hardly do give individual qty discounts on each product but rather give a store wide discount. The percentage wise discount depending on how many items you purchase within our store will result in you paying less for this particular item (on this product page) when you buy x number of items in our store etc etc.

Unlike having shown a table of discount applicable if you buy 1 nr of items of this product gets you this amount of discount we like to show you the store wide discount applicable on each individual product page

Am I missiing something maybe?

cant you just dreate the discount promo store wide then creat a block/banner to apply on all product pages required showing what discounts.
Unless of course there are many different ones

Let me explain

Imagine you are on the product detail page of product Y and I give a store wide discount that applies to this product Y if you purchase 2 items of this product you get store wide discount of 2,5% AND IF you buy 2, 3 or 5 different items of any other product you get a total store wide discount of 10% and I just want to show you as a customer visiting the product detail page what you save on this item Y when you purchase, 2, 3 or more products in our store and have that displayed in a block that sits near where normally the qty discount table would appear.

Does that make sense to you ?

I think doing something like this would require a paid custom development. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us through PM.