Displaying Individual Product Features in buy_now.tpl

I am trying to redesign the buy_now.tpl section. Basically I need to have product features I have created appear in that area, under the price.

For example, I have created the following product features thru the admin:

ships in

ships by

recommended age

I also have other product features created, but I only want to show select items under the price, while having the features tab continue to show all features.

Can someone please give me an example of the code to call and display a particular feature?

Thank you for your assistance your help is greatly appreciated.

Can anyone please provide assistance on the format to pull data from the features for display. I assume someone must be familiar with the smarty syntax to do this, but I haven’t received any ideas. Even if your not sure exactly any tips to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking for the same thing too.

Thanks for your assistance

Anyone find an answer to this?


[quote name=‘slater9000’]Anyone find an answer to this?


i am also looking for the same thing and waiting on the solution, i have also posted my inquiry about the same thing but havent got any answers yet, will update you guys once i have something.

I want to display product_features I have defined 2 types.

Here is my sample code but nothing is displayed.

{assign var=“no_condition” value=“unknown”}

{assign var=“no_accessories” value=“no accessories”}

{foreach from=$product.product_features item=feature}

{if $feature.description eq “Condition”}

{foreach from=$feature.variants item=cond}

{if $cond.selected ne “”}

{assign var=“condition” value=$cond.variant}




{if $feature.description eq “Accessories”}

{foreach from=$feature.variants item=“acc”}

{if $acc.selected ne “”}

{assign var=“accessories” value=$acc.variant}





It Seems the $product array is a short list and does not have the features loaded.

Which Include file should I change so that I have all of the required fields available.

Please help.

I’m interested in this too. Had it working in the old version. Had to add something to the core file. Don’t seem to get it working in the new cs-cart tho.

I’m using this code in SKIN/customer/views/products/components/products.tpl

{foreach from=$product_features item="feature"}
{if $feature.description == 'LPG' and $feature.value == 'Y'}

But it doesn’t show anything, so i assume it doesn’t know the $product_features array.

Ok, solved it myself. It had to be

{foreach from=$product.product_features item="feature"}


Showing specific features on product details page is really vital task …

Could you please inform about the tpl file needs to be modified in 2.1.x since yours seems different …

Thanks again,