Displaying All Subcategories


Is there any way to display all the subcategories of a main category, actually in my site when i click the main category i have only 6 subcategories showing and then it displays a show more button e.x:

Hair Accessories
View more
I dont want to have this view more link but i want to displays all the subcategories from WOMEN'S/ACCESSORIES
Thanks in advance

If you mean top menu, please check corresponding block settings


Some how top menu got deleted. now I can't add new menu. can someone help me please?

1. on the layout page, I did try to add grid and blocks, but then it disappears and not adding. blocks and grid, both disappears. why it could happens? but the green message says successful, but the result is not. what can I do now?

2. on the blocks manage top up, there are so many blocks, some of them I tried before and no more using on currently. some of them still using. some how I was trying to delete not used one, but who knows maybe I did deleted current using one or what is reason, menu got deleted. how you guys manage those blocks? I mean how do you know and delete not used ones?

Thanks in advance!

1. It should not work like that. Please contact support team

2. You can disable blocks one-by-one and check the layout. If everything is correct, delete the block. Just in case, export layout to have backup