Displaying a price depending on a user group or a message if no user group found

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New to CS-Cart (have been using Interspire) and I thought I’d quickly ask you whether it’s possible to display a certain product price depending on which user group a persons account belongs to and if they don’t belong to any user group, such as a guest visitor who hasn’t logged in. Is there any way that I can hide the add to cart and display a message asking them to contact our client?

Any help’s much appreciated. Don’t mind getting my hands dirty, just need some quick pointers. :slight_smile:

  • Marcin

You can do this using quantity discounts. Edit a product click quantity discount tab then add the pricing selecting the appropriate group for that pricing with all the quantities set at 1.

@whiplash13 How does he do the 2nd part? I…e. Not showing an add to cart button when not in a user group?

I’ve been struggling with the same and thought that setting the “price” to zero in the General area of the product detail page and specifying “do not add to cart” as the zero price action and then having prices listed in the Qty Pricing for the various group-based pricing would do the trick. But it’s not overly mainatainable…

Any thoughts? Was trying to do the same thing via this thread: [url]http://forum.cs-cart.com/showthread.php?t=20362[/url]

Not sure if this will be helpful, however, what about this:

Administration>Settings>Users/Cart> Allow shopping for unlogged customers>Hide the Add to Cart Button

Then, just assign your specific product pricing to the individual “User Groups” you have created. When the customers you have assigned to these User Groups login to the site, then their individualized pricing will be displayed.

The only tweaking would then be to display the message to the guest visitors to contact you, or whatever message you have in mind. I have not tried this, however, you may be able to simply change one of the lanquage variables that appears after you change the setting to “Hide the Add to Cart Button”.

Then for Tbirnseth, you can also set this “Special Category” you mention in your other thread to only be viewable by the User Groups which you define within the “Availability Section”.

I realize this is not “everything” that your customer is asking for, however, it covers the majority right outta the box without code tweaking.