Display Updated Gift Certificate Balance At Checkout

I'm getting requests from users to be more transparent in regards to gift certificates.

Applying a gift certificate to a cart requires entering a code, and submitting within the form. It displays a negative charge to the subtotal in an amount up to the value of the cart, as long as there is the equivalent credit allocated to this code.

What's missing is a display (somewhere on the checkout) that indicates what value remains on the gift certificate. It's not terribly intuitive to have to navigate to the Gift Certificate page to then re-enter your code just to look at the transaction history. With larger gift certificates it can be easy to lose track of the remaining balance.

Would it be possible to display that balance at checkout in realtime? Ideally it would appear at the same time as you submit the gift code.


(MVE 4.03)

Additional code modifications are required to do it. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in it

What template needs the code adjustment to display the balance at checkout?