Display Total Order Without Tax Index Page Backend

Hello everyone
In my admin page, I would like to add:
The amount of sales without taxes with discounts!
Example: selling price of a product 100 dollars
$ 20 discount
Tax: 20 dollars
shipping: 10 dollars
Total: 110 dollars
I want just: total amount order with discount with shipping but no tax 90 dollars
in my file design/backend/template/view/index/index.tpl
From line 169 I do not know what function to add
What is an idea ??
thank you very much



First variant, you can create any module and add the template


Then add this code into the file

{********************** Old Price *****************}
{capture name="old_price_`$obj_id`"}
   {if $show_price_values && $show_old_price}
           {hook name="products:old_price"}
           {if $product.discount}
               {if $details_page}{__("old_price")}: {/if}{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$product.original_price|default:$product.base_price span_id="old_price_`$obj_prefix``$obj_id`" class="ty-list-price ty-nowrap"}
           {elseif $product.list_discount}
               {if $details_page}{__("list_price")}: {/if}{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$product.list_price span_id="list_price_`$obj_prefix``$obj_id`" class="ty-list-price ty-nowrap"}
{if $no_capture}
   {assign var="capture_name" value="old_price_`$obj_id`"}
   {$smarty.capture.$capture_name nofilter}
{********************** Price *********************}
{capture name="price_`$obj_id`"}
       {if $show_price_values}
           {if $show_price}
           {hook name="products:prices_block"}
               {if $product.price|floatval || $product.zero_price_action == "P" || ($hide_add_to_cart_button == "Y" && $product.zero_price_action == "A")}

You can edit the code above according to your needs.

Another variant is to edit the blocks in the file design\themes\responsive\templates\common\product_data.tpl

The third variant is to hire a developer to help you. It won't cost a lot.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Hi Guys
i have also like a VAT Problem, i want that if choose to tick the taxes box in Catalog > Products it would display in Product detail page with Taxes, and Display prices with taxes on cart/checkout pages.
"Price inkl Taxes"
and if i don,t tick the taxes box in Catalog > Products it would display in Product detail page Excluded Taxes, and total Price will calculate on cart/checkout pages with taxes.
"Price Excl Taxes"
Kindly reply if anyone can help about this matter
Many Thanks