Display Quantity Discount Price As Well As Regular Price

I use quantity discounts as as my price list, because every customer is a registered customer on my site and has a different usergroup pricing. I don’t sell retail, only wholesale.

What I’m looking to do is show our “wholesale price” (real price) and a “retail price” on the product page. The way I wanted to do this is either create a new “Quantity Discount” price called “retail” and display that price on the product page, or just use the regular price field (in the admin/product page) and use that as a placeholder for “retail price” since it doesn’t show up anyway because I use Quantity Discounts.

I found the page to do this in (templates / blocks / product_templates / default_template.tpl), but I can’t figure out the code to implement it.

Basically, how do I call up a specific quantity discount price and display it on the product page, even if the customer doesn’t have access to it?


You can check out this addon http://www.cscartrocks.com/cs-cart-lowest-price-addon.html and we can adjust it for you to show the lowest price among all user groups.

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You can check out this addon http://www.cscartroc…rice-addon.html and we can adjust it for you to show the lowest price among all user groups.


Thanks cscartrocks,

I appreciate the help, but that's not what I'm looking for, unfortunately. That's what already happens with regular Quantity Discount pricing in cs-cart. It'll automatically show whichever price is the lowest in the groups that the customer is “subscribed” to.

Basically, how do you fetch the Regular product price that appears in the “product_price” database table with usergroup_id=“0” and display it using {$smarty.capture}?

Sorry if it's a little unlcear, I'm really tired right now.

Additional request to the database is required and some template code changes. If you are interested, please contact me

You want to display all the various prices for a product?

2 step process:

  1. use get_product_data_post hook to retrieve all the various prices (probably indexed by usergroup name for the language being used and quantity) and to add it to the product properties.
  2. Adjust the templates you want to change to reference the usergroup name and the price and display it appropriately. (you might just be able to override views/products/components/produtcs_qty_discounts.tpl to show all prices using your above data.

    You might end up with something like:

    Your current price: $10.00

    Registered: quantity 1: $9.50

    Registered quantity 20: $9.25

    Wholesale: quantity 1: $8.45

    Wholesale: quantity 10: $8.25

    Unregistered: quantity 1: $10.00

    Unregistered: quantity 20: $9.50

    This might encourage a savy buyer to register before purchasing or for someone to inquire how to become a wholesale purchaser on your site.