display product options/variants on product list

is it possible to display products variants on the product list where every product variant have they own add to cart and quatity buttom or is it not possible

for further info on how I want my product variants to be display please see the the attached image

or may be any one here know of another shopping cart who has this feature

plus I don't want the product options name to be dispaly on the costumer end for example when you add a product option you are require to enter the name of the product option but the thing is I don't want display the name of my product option just the name of the variant on costumer end as you can see in attached image

The shopping cart I am using is the community edition 3.0.1 but I might buy the professional edition later on when I make my first sale



product variants table.png

I am having the same issue. ill let you know if i find a solution