Display product features after creating new product


I’m using 2.2.4 Multivendor.

We have a set of Product Features for the book category. My problem is that our staff and vendors tend to forget to update the Product Features tab after adding a new product under the book category (since it’s not part of the General tab).

My solution is to force cs-cart to open the Product features tab after creating a new product. It’s like say, step 2 is to update the product features then hit save.

Any idea how I can do this?


Far far far easier to just use Excel to upload.

Create a product with all the fields you like to use.

Export it.

Then open it in Excel.

Add more products with the fields you wish to use.


I have this setup with several clients and 5,000+ products a site!

If you need help, or an example file, let me know! I’ve helped hundreds of clients with importing products, and easing the process for all of them. Including Product Options, Combinations, Multiple Images for Products, etc, etc! :)


Thanks for the suggestion. I actually disabled import/export for the vendors (group permission) since I had some issues with having vendors importing their own files. Besides they dont really upload by bulk. but thanks…

any other suggestion?