Display over the display area frame!

I have a problem where the checkout screen display falls over the display area, ie. one third of the items in the right side box appears over the right box frame.

Why does this happen? It only seems to happen on the checkout page, however, I also have a right side box on this page (‘We Suggest’ box).

The problem appears same in IE or Firefox.

Is there a way to fix this overhanging problem or is the only solution to remove the side box?

Please post a url so we can see it.

thanks roban,

I’ve just sent my link to you via PM.


I know you said this could be fixed by tinkering with the css code, in the mean time I’ve tried to change the settings of the ‘we suggest’ block and that seems to have compressed the content so it doesn’t push over the frame.

Any reason why this had happened in the first place and does this happen when you have certain settings in the block.? Is there a bug ??

Just curious to know in case this happens on other pages.