Display inconsistency

Hi there,

Wonder if anyone has experience a similar issue.

On the page that has a detailed view of my products, sometimes the description is not showing. The same also applies for product tabs.

I don't seem to have found a solution to this problem. If I clear the cache, I think it solved the problem, however I can't confirm this as a regular solution to the problem.

Would be interested to see if this is something that anyone else has experienced or if its a known bug that I don't know about.

Any ideas? Want to be sure its not going to happen when I go live.

As a side note: I have modified the code on the products page, only using hooks though, I haven't modified it directly in the core.


provide a link to a page with the problem. Ensure both short and long descriptions are set in the product detail.

Ok, I will try and put a link up. Will check with my client on that one first.

I have debugged the problem a little futher though. The description is not showing when a user is logged in, but as soon as I logout, everything displays as expected.

Does it sound like I have ticked the wrong box somewhere? There is no problem rendering the data when the user is logged out, it works fine. Any ideas?

Have you edited any of the templates at all? Doesn't sound like an issue with a setting to me…In particular, removed an {if} for 'auth':

{if $auth.user_id}

hmm, only via hooks, but maybe I missed an if statement somewhere… will take a look - thanks.