Display Geotrust seal on store HELP

Hello have anyone been able to display a geotrust seal on cs-cart professional 3.03

I follow the guide on how to display the comodo seal, the people from the help desk told me that the same steps should be applied to any other seal but I did everything that it said on the guide, but I could only see the codes for the seal and not the image of the seal if any one knows how to display the seal please let me know.

by the way I have installed the geotrust on my server and I have checked if it was installed correctly and it really was installed correctly

Any help will be highly appreciated

What is your site URL?

When you say the seal are you talking about the image or are you talking about your SSL validating correctly and indicating as much in the browser address bar?

You probably pasted code in your wysiwyg editor. Switch to html / source first, then paste your code.

My URL is collectiblewiz.com

Yes I am talking about the image that every webstore have and that when you click in that image it say this

The following site has been issued a certificate to enable server security


how do I switch to html so I can paste the code

When pasting code, top right, there should be a button called Source. This is the switch.

Thank you very much. I should have looked here first.

Pulled my hair out over this for 2 days. Two minutes after in the forum and I got it going.


Can anyone tell me why my GeoTrust site seal shows up in the upper left corner of my web pages?

New website, new to CS-Cart, just installed the code for the seal in a new HTML block and it looks fine at the bottom of the page but I don't mean for it to be up there in the corner also.

Thanks in advance.