Display Full Blogs on Home Page

Hi all,

New to CS-Cart and liking it so far, but I’m having trouble really getting how all the hooks and addons and blocks really work together, and maybe if someone can help me make this minor change, it’ll really come together for me.

Basically, I want to have the site news displayed on the Home Page much like a blog. I have installed the News block on the home page and it gives me the appearance option of “Text Links”. I’d like for not just the text links to be displayed, but the actual content of the blogs itself. In fact, I’d like it to pretty much be exactly what you see on the actual Site News home page (the page where you go after clicking ‘See All’, /index.php?dispatch=news.list)

However, I can’t figure out why I can’t access the News List appearance/view when I install the module on the home page.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help you can give me