Display Free Shipping Lable Or Text

How do i display free shipping lable or text on all of my products that i offer free shipping on. i tried searching but nothing is updated for 4.1.5 version

Please guide me through it step by step since i'm new to cs cart.

One more thing the mini_thumbnail and variant image size how can i make that large.

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Please refer to my post in another thread: Add Free Shipping Image Or Text To Item - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

Thank you for the quick reply if i change that and in the future i want to upgrade my cs cart will that affect the upgrade process?

Also is there any way to display a free shipping image with all my products even on homepage etc

also would you know how to change the size of mini thumbnails and variant image size… i have tried to do it but the changes won't take affect even after clearing cache

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Please check