Display Discount Label & Sale Price Style

Two related questions :

  1. How can we display the Discount Label on the scroller? I tried unsuccessfully to add it to : templates / blocks / products / products_scroller.tpl

{include file="blocks/list_templates/simple_list.tpl" product=$product show_trunc_name=true show_price=true show_old_price=true show_clean_price=true show_list_discount=true show_discount_label=true show_add_to_cart=$_show_add_to_cart but_role="action" hide_price=$_hide_price hide_qty=true}

2. We want to a slightly different style to sale prices, but the cart does not seem to differentiate between sale and regular prices by css class. Am I missing something? Can you tell me where / how to assign a unique class (like 'sale_price')?

custom modification is needed for both features so we are at your service

Noted - thank you!