display decline reason

I used authorize.net. Does anyone know how to get the payment processor response to display when customer gets credit card declined?

For example: The transaction resulted in an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder.

Thanks in advance.

I had cs-cart development team do this for me, it was $105. Not bad at all since it has helped my customers get there orders corrected and processed.

In skins/YOUR_SKIN/customer/orders_pages/order_status.tpl, [COLOR=Red]change[/COLOR]:

{if $display == "view"}

{if $display == "view"}
{$order_status_descr.$status}{if $order_status_descr.$status == "Declined"} - {$order_info.payment_info.descr_avs}.{/if}
This will display something like:

Status: Declined - No Match on Address (Street) or ZIP.

I think it works very well. Now, the customer can now correct their own problem and pay again. Thanks a lot!