Display complete product listing on home page...?

Hi, all.

I’m in the process of transferring an existing site onto CS-Cart…which, apart from one or two glitches, is going fairly well so far.

One thing, though: the current site has a complete product listing on the home page; all of the products are listed (ten per page) with options for sorting by brand and price. In other words, it’s the equivalent of the category listing pages in CS-Cart, only without any category restrictions.

Can anyone tell me of a way to do that? I can see how to use blocks to add the newest products, bestsellers, recently viewed and so on (which is neatly done)…and I know about manually adding featured products too. But what about an unfiltered product listing? Is that possible?

Any help will be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.


Put all your products into a category called “all products”. Then use the category listing block to show them. The user can order the search, etc.

I’m not sure if you can “hide” the “all products” category from the category listing and also use it as a category within a block. It would be nice if it worked like that but I’m not sure.