Display Categories On My Homepage

I recently installed CS-Cart and I'm having problems showing a whole category onto just my home page. I am probably missing something. I currently am able to display products from a category onto my home page.

The reason I want to have categories listed is so that I can have the “buy it now with 1 click” button automatically appear, sorting options, and display options (grid, list etc) available.

What am I missing?

Hi Tony,

Please check [url=“Categories Block - CS-Cart Add-on by HungryWeb.net”]https://www.hungryweb.net/cs-cart-addons/categories-block.html[/url] maybe is that what are you looking for ;)



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You can also add a new block with categories to the home page. Just select the Multi-column list as template

I'm sorry I must not have been clear enough.

This is what happens when I do the method described by eComLabs


This is how I would like it to look on the home page


The second image is after I click the category link “Blem Spas.” I don't want consumers to click through to it, but would rather have it on the home page.

Why you cannot create just a block with products?

I had the hide add to cart button checked. I didn't know it got rid of the “one click buy” as well when I did that. Sorry for the confusion and thank you so much for your help. Silly mistake.