Display Brands /vendors On "our Brands" W/out Products?

In mulitivendor 4.2.2 is there a way to click the “Our Brands” link and once on the page have ALL the Vendor brands be displayed in each Alphabetized location, even if the brand does not have any products listed? I just think it looks bad with a few Letters displayed and missing alphabets on the brands page. Some of my brands have listed the company info and their bio but have not listed products. It would be nice to see the brands despite not having yet listed the product. Hope this makes since…

Any help is appreciated.



Agreed - I'm using the Brands component a little differently for my application (basically a series of ID#s) but I can't seem to figure out how to list them all without some plugin. It's weird how brands are handled within the backend - like some kind of an afterthought.