Discussion about Order Handling

I was hoping to get some sound advise from some seasoned e-commerce gurus in this forum.

I am currently having a lot of orders coming in, and I would like to know how people are handling their paperwork, workflow, etc.

Currently, all of my suppliers are drop-shipping my orders.

So… I receive an email notification:

1- when the order comes in to me

2- when I place the order with my supplier

3- when the supplier processes/ships the order

4- when I mark the order as either processed or shipped

5- when the order is complete

As you can see there is a lot of paper trails for each order, and also a lot of room for error.

I am also coming across a lot of customer communication via email/phone that I would like to document as well.

Here is what I am looking for…

Do you print off every email notification that comes in? Do you save all order communications/emails on your computer? Do you only use the cs-cart admin for order information? etc.

I can keep everything straight right now, but I am trying to instill some best practices early so that as my website evolves, everything is good to go and I can eliminate as many errors as possible.

Thank you in advance to anyone who chimes in.

For order tracking purposes we keep an electronic hard copy of every order saved on our internal network server as a backup as we are iso registered. We also process orders offline so the two are kept together fro tracability reasons.


Do you save your order email notification as a pdf, and then categorize them according to order #, etc?

What about customer emails? How do you keep it all together?

Thanks for your input!