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your google sitemap looks exactly like the xml sitemap released free to the community like 2+ months ago, in addition we planned on releasing a new version to the community featuring extended functionality, it’s in the best interests of the community for developers to work together…

Yea, this is a returning post from you, dear sno about this mod.

I mean we have discuted about this and how I mentioned this module has a completely other engine.

If you forget this, search the forum.


Our mod is choosed by the customers because we have developed the engine with more faster mysql requests and a more improved code to not freeze the google spiders if there are too many links.

Ability to select Changefreq, the news are displayed too, the really “lastmod” is displayed, the date when the product (category, news, etc.) is added and not the current server date…etc.

Is not a good idea to forcing google spiders to crawl the all site every time and not only the last added links from the last visit of the robot.

The sitemap validates correctly, and so on…

Have you checked your mod if the cs-cart is installed in subdirectory and SEO mod is on? You will see the result…

What about your “free mods”?

Have you collected enough donations for mods which will be released at an unknown date?

the reply is not meant to step on anyones’s toes, all the developers need to work together, however let it be known that it’s pretty pathetic to take an addon that is already freely available to the community, post it for sale, and lay claims that it is a better addon, and then rag on the efforts of the mod club community members, we’ve run into this problem in the past and have erraticated it pretty well, to say that this addon has faster mysql queries and a different engine is a joke, there’s not much more you can do to make the most basic queries any faster other then splitting the data retrieval into segmented blocks and this can present additional problems, if a customer’s store has 1000’s of products/categories it’s best to use multiple sitemaps, one for categories, one for products ect…the club hasn’t released the official sitemap yet, the sitemap that was posted up for CS2 is a beta version, you can rag on it all you want, right now the 10+ proprietary addons we’re finishing up are more important then posting free addons for other people to knock off and sell…

This is your opinion.

Instead to writting non accurate things is better to studiate the php- and mysql queries manual.

You have not ordered this product, do you know its source code?

Or disturbs you that somebody else developes mods and the donations are not accumulating for the “free mods” :?: “for the community”?

Seems to be a hypocritical thing.

$1615 (donations) for a single mod or $2645 for other 3 is not a bad business.

This dispute has no sense.

lol, your ridiculous, it’s been a long time since this forum made me laugh, just keep knocking off peoples mods and we’ll see how long you stay around, developing high ticket addons isn’t cheap, again, knocking the development costs, goals, donations and what the club has accomplished so far isn’t going to help you out, what people don’t understand is we don’t have to have a mod club, we’ve only opened it up to offer our resources to others for a nominal donation in comparison to the actual costs, what happens in the end is you get a bunch of whiny cry babies who want the addons and all the work we do for free, then we get the people who decide to knock off others work, for example, if I felt like sitting in front of the computer like a monkey for the next week I could knock off all your skins, sell them for half price, better yet free, and suggest that for some unknown reason they load faster then yours, this is basically what you have done to the club, this wasn’t started by me, I suggest you stick with skinning carts…

No comment.

I will follow your advice and I’ll do what you suggested…:rolleyes:

I think you should cooperate, team up, create mods and sell.

Sno you do a good work but I hate this donation idea.

Some of your mods are integrated now in cs-cart 2.0, do you want to say you passed them to cs-cart free of charge when cost of development exceeds 1000$?

ThomH please release more mods then skins. Mods work great, skins are not so professional (from design side) as I would want them to be. I would be glad to have every mods that has to do with ebay. Also moneybookers mod would be great.

Good luck

I see that the posts are moderated out. Why?

Instead of making a “war” and starting public discussions without any sense is better to let everyone to make his business.

I respect your opinion if I do not agree with it.

So our mod maybe looks like xml sitemap, but has a totally different engine.

The initial google sitemap idea was started by sculptingstudio here. Is not properly the mod club’s invention.

How first was released x-cart than cs-cart, the user interface is very similar but the engine is completely other. ( the cs-cart is better!!!)

Also some other similar mods to ours ( and/or vice versa) were released in the past by topcoder, eg:. paypal module, live currency rates, back in stock module, etc… but with a different other engine without any problems (and license violations).

The popularity was decided by the customers.


the postings had to be removed because I let myself get out of control, it was my fault for just not brushing this off, like I said earlier the developers need to work together whether the mods and addons are paid, free or donationware…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]the postings had to be removed because I let myself get out of control, it was my fault for just not brushing this off, like I said earlier the developers need to work together whether the mods and addons are paid, free or donationware…[/QUOTE]

Ok, is better.

This should not have happened with us.

[quote name=‘ThomH’]Ok, is better.

This should not have happened with us.[/quote]

Tell me about it, I read the full exchange,

Was 2 clicks away from nuking the thread entirely

I think Snorocket was right though, we need to make sure no one is stealing mods, slapping their name on it and selling it for profit.

I don’t think he sounded out of control at all. (just my 2 cents)