Discounts: Can this be done?

Hi all,

I have a question about discounts I was hoping someone could answer whose already been down this road.

Right now, we have 10% off all products as a catalog discount.

Then, we have coupon codes, for say 15% off.

But we have this “existing customers discount” we want to give a total of 25% off the whole order. So the problem is that to achieve this, we have the coupon code take 15% off the already 10% off discount. It’s not truly 25% off because the remaining 15% is taken off of the price AFTER the original 10% is taken off.

Hopefully that all makes sense. Basically I’m wondering if there is any way to create a coupon that takes the correct 15% off the original total (not the adjusted total), or to give the user 25% off and ignore the catalog discount. Is that even possible?

The only way I can think of making that happen is to maybe create a new user group that gives all of our existing customers a 25% catalog wide discount and set it to “ignore all other discounts” to make it no longer see the 10% catalog discount for non-users???

I think it will work as you expect when both of the promotions are of the same type. But I’m not absolutely sure and have not played with it to that degree. Worth the experiment though…


I’m to try it. However I’m not the most fluent with how the user roles work within CS Cart… when I was messing with it tonight, I noticed if I created a user group of “TEST Customer” and added it as the type of “Customer”, all of my customers inherited it as an “available” user group.

Does it apply to all by default and you have to remove it from users later? Or does it just make it available and you’ve got to do something else to activate it?

Make it “hidden” and your customers won’t see it.