Discounts and coupons

Hi all

just gone to complete the last few thing s before new site is launched

cs cart pulled over the data off old one almost there

KK i thought just go and check the discounts and coupons

**** where is the discounts section


promotion , ah they be on there yes they was BUT!!!

there is no way to set say 10% discount and then just apply it to a whole group of items

anyone ???

You can limit a promotion to specific products when setting up the promotion:

  1. Set the availability on the General tab if the discount is not always available
  2. On the Conditions tab select ‘Products’ from the dropdown
  3. Click the ‘Add products’ link and add your products
  4. Set your discount on the Bonus tab
  5. Hit the Create (Save if editing) button

    This also works for categories.


Thanks for the reply

1,35 could just set

Value Value Type Period of validity Avail

5.00. Percent % 12,12,2010 -blah active

hit details and then add items using the search items

this would then show on the item list page, and the item page as a discount on item with that discount.gif image ,Would the way you described still do that ??

we sell items from 3 manufacturers in around 40% of our categories using the old discount set was a great way to edit 100s of price almost instantly , when responding to competitors

I am understanding this new promotions set up to be awarding a bonus when users add to cart , is that correct ?


It works the same way. In the storefront, the old price is lined through and the discounted price is displayed along with the discount tag.

The bonus can also be a discount.