I have a client… ( that is asking this question…

How come discount was applied yet it doesn’t show the discount code? I’ll re forward you what I actually get and you can see that between the two I send you they are almost the same yet one does not have the discount code on the bottom…so I have no way to track when I pull up for sales com reports…the other looks exactly like it but does have the code…yet only offered 10% off instead of the dec special of 20%.

On the attached… The first one does not show the discount code… The second only has 10 offered as a discount yet has the discount code… (see attached)

She’s also saying this particular customer was overcharged for shipping and she doesn’t know why…

Subject: FW: Total Nutrition Technology: Order #178 has been processed

Angela, you may want to check with your web guy / UPS as to why the shipping on this is so high. It’s inside the same zip code as us and $3 more than another order we got the same day for twice as much stuff. See customer comment.

The first to email confirmations can be seen at [url]Home - Total Nutrition Technology

The second confirmation with the higher shipping can be seen here… [url]Home - Total Nutrition Technology

Please advise…


coupons can be reused, so why tell the customer what the coupon code is, hence why it isn’t on the invoices. Looks as though you are using 1.3.x (move it to the appopriate forum next time) so I believe it should be listed on the order details page of the adminstration backend.