Discount/promotions Problem In Multi-Vendor?

Has anybody else run into this problem?

We are currently implementing "promotions" so that vendors in our marketplace can offer coupons to their customers. One of our vendors created a 50% Coupon for their micro-store, but when their products are combined with other vendor products in our marketplace at checkout it's applying the discount across all products. Is this an error? I assume the system is designed so that one vendor can NOT create discounts for another vendor's products?
I appreciate any insight on why one of our vendors was able to create a coupon that applied a discount to another vendors products.
Please see the attached screenshot for reference.
Thanks to anyone who knows why this is happening.



Coupon codes are global by default and it's not possible to change it in CS-Cart settings.

We have an add-on available, which fixes this issue - it adds a special bonus "Discount for entire order from vendors" which allows you to apply the code only for selected vendor products:¤cy=PLN

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It's frustrating that CS-Cart is selling marketplace software with functionality built-in that doesn't work in a marketplace environment. Why would CS-Cart include functionality in Multi-Vendor that shouldn't be used?

I've wasted a lot of time testing, training and implementing features in MVE only to find out they simply don't work. Another example is Gift Certificates that aren't designed to efficiently work in a marketplace environment. A lot of wasted time trying to make them work only to find out "Don't use them. They don't work well in Multi-Vendor". Ummmm...then why are they there?

I wish CS-Cart simply made hidden all functions that didn't work in Multi-Vendor. It would make everyone's lives much easier.