Discount promotion products excluding sale items


Does anybody know if there is anyway to setup a promotion to discount products (via any condition such as coupon code, number of products etc) but dont allow that discount to be applied to a product which is already on sale (i.e. price is lower than list price). I know you can manually pick products for which a promotion applies but this is not a feasible method when there are lots of products.


I want to know this too. I've seen other websites have carts that do this but not sure what cart it is.

I've been testing this too.

I started with a simple rule: Including a Price that is lower than the List Price is not a “sale price”. The “List Price” is equivalent to MSRP, the “Price” is what you actually sell it for all day. If you want to put products on sale, you need to set up a Catalog Promotion for the item - then it will be considered a promotion by the promotion process and you SHOULD be able to prevent it from combining with other promotions you create.

I make the List Price and the Price the same (but you don't have to), then create the Catalog Promotion - which will be shown while browsing the store - that's very important to me.

The Catalog Promotion is applied to the “Price”, not the “List Price”.

Flag that promotion as “stops other rules” - and other Catalog Promotions can't be applied IF they are lower priority. I can't figure if this is working or not, as I don't have multiple Catalog Promotions that apply to the same products.

Even following this procedure, which should be a logical application of Promotions, the problem is that Cart Promotions (like Promo Codes) can be applied to any cart, even a cart that has items in it that have Catalog Promotions applied.

CS-Cart includes an option in the General Settings for Promotions that allows you to restrict the customer to ONE discount coupon per cart, but there is no option to prevent Cart Promotions from being applied to items that have Catalog Promotions applied to them.

This is a good candidate for some custom work by someone.