Discount Label - Show $$ instead of %

Just as the question says - I’d like the label to show how much is saved in dollars/cents instead of a percentage.

My best guess is to edit the code in product_data.tpl (/TEMPLATE/customer/common templates/)

At line 38

{********************** You Save ******************}
{capture name="list_discount_`$obj_id`"}
{if $show_price_values && $show_list_discount && $details_page}
{if $}
{$lang.you_save}: {include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$ span_id="discount_value_`$obj_id`" class="list-price"} ({$product.discount_prc}%)
{elseif $product.list_discount}
{$lang.you_save}: {include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$product.list_discount span_id="discount_value_`$obj_id`" class="list-price"} ({$product.list_discount_prc}%)

I’m just not sure how I should modify those IF statements to give me what I want.

I’m not running promotions. I only wish to highlight the price difference between the products list price and “our price”

Any help would be appreciated.