Discount + gift cert error

im applying a 10% promotion on cart…

Subtotal: $25.00

Order discount: $22.50


GST (5%): $1.25

TVQ (8.5%): $2.13

# Total cost:$5.88

something is really wrong here.... it should be subtotal * 10% for the order discount... its showing me wrong values..

where are these DEFINED / CALCED?
i know they are shown in views/checkout/components/checkout_totals_info.tpl

Hello, vanderex

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

our business policies won’t allow this level of access, as this servers hosts more then just this software.

But i would prefer to know WHERE exactly is the function to add all of this…

Hello, vanderex

The PHP functions that you need are located in the “core/fn.cart.php” file of your CS-Cart installation.

thanks … it think its the promotion module tough… since i debugged all discounts and can’t find… ill let you know

seems that i misread the promotion it’s BY specific percentage instead of TO specific %…


WOW in core/fn.promotions.php

line 1329 of my version (not latest fyi)

function fn_promotions_calculate_discount($type, $price, $value, $current_price = 0)
$discount = 0;

if ($type == 'to_percentage') {

print "

print "$type, $price, $value, $current_price ";

$discount = $price * (100 - $value) / 100;
print "DISCOUNT: ".$discount;


to_percentage, 25, 10, 0 DISCOUNT: 22.5

line should say

$discount = $price-( $price * (100 - $value) / 100);

looks like one dev tought that discount was the % to discount… while another hand of the company toght it was the % of total… like pay 10% of total price VS 10% off the total…

time to find 2.8 hours…

$debug['cs-cart] += 2.8

print $debug['cs-cart];

OUTPUT → 320.8 hours and counting.