Discount for Repeat Customers

I am wondering how I would setup a promotion that allows a 10% discount or $5 off discount for returning or repeat customers.

I just don’t know what condition to use.



Hi Adam,

I think it would be easiest to put the customers into a User Group after they’ve ordered from you which could be titled “Returning” or “Repeat” customers. Then you can set up the promotion to look for that User Group and give the discount you set up.

Hope this helps! I know it’s a bit of work to set it up this way but that’s the only way I could see to do it.

We, on the other hand, send out postcards with each order which have a coupon code on them and put the responsibility on the returning customer to enter the code when they check out to receive the discount. If they don’t enter the code then they don’t receive the discount. I’m not sure if we’ll automate it in CS-Cart or not - our current cart does not have the detailed promotional ability that CS-Cart has available to us.


Stephanie (switching to CS-Cart 2.0.8)

Hosting with Westhost

Having a test for ‘New customer’ in the promotions would be a good enhancement. You could then test for is/is not.