Discount for products

Is there a way to setup a certain discount for products over a certain price?


Explains in the last post.

I saw this post but it wasn’t what I was looking to do.

I have products that are in the nickel/dime area. I don’t want a discount to be applied to those products… but, I would like to apply a discount for products that are say larger than $1.00. Not the total of the order but the price of the product. Can this be done?


not sure how to easily do this, but I have a discount applied to all products between 10 and 25 US (List Price)

Just made a discount, and added the products that I wanted it applied to in “details”

Home—> Discounts----> Product Discounts Tab

There may be an easier way to do it…dunno for sure

Did you ever get this figured out. I have the same need. Thanks