Discount Configuration


I have a product (Balloons) for which I created a quantity discount: for 2 bags price is lower with 5% and for 5 bags price is lower with 10%.

Now, I want to give to a certain customer 12% discount for entire order but for the balloons I want to keep the above rules (for 2 bags 5% discount and for 5 bags 10% discount). There is a way to do this?


I think you would have to create a User group and assign Quantity discount for that group and that member has to belong to that User group.

Not working, the discount for balloons (5% or 10%) must be applied ONLY IF in the cart, the quantity criteria is accomplished. In your case the customer discount is applied over and rewrite the balloons discount.

What I need the balloons discount must be applied only if the quantity criteria is achieved and must be independent over other discounts.

Don't think you can do this for catalog and cart promotions. The cart promotions (balloons) will be applied first and the cart promotion (order) will be applied at checkout. So the cart would further discount the products. There might be a way to exclude specific products from the cart promotion. By products != list_of_products