Discount Codes??

Ok I have read the user manual and looked all over the new version of CS-cart and can’t find it.

In my old version 1.xx it was simple. We just want to add a coupon code for a % off on a total order. Where do I do this in 2.xx?

Under [Catalog] → [Promotion]

I got that far but it makes no sense at all.

I just want to give 10% off on orders that put in a coupon code. There should be an easy way to do this and I don’t even see away to put in a % to take off for the coupon code.

If any one has this added that could take a screen shoot would be super.

Hey Vortech… you just need to add some conditions:

  • Add Cart Promotion
    • Name/Desc.
    • Use availability period. Check this if you want to put a lifespan on the coupon
    • Set the dates if you do

      Up towards the top there are 3 tabs “General, Conditions, Bonuses”

      Click “Conditions”

      Click “Add Condition”

      A drop down box appears. Scroll down and select “Coupon Code”

      A new dropdown box appears and defaults to “equals”. The text box next to it is the coupon code you want to use.

      Next click the tab “Bonuses” at the top

      Click “Add Bonus”

      a drop down box appears. Select “Order Discount”

      A dropdown box appears to select if you want % discount or fixed amount

      In the text box to the right you put the discount you want to give.

I figured it out… :slight_smile:

Have to do cart not catalog… Could be made more user friendly or maybe some little help links would be cool. The manual really did not cover it well…


I’m setting up 2.0.8 so not sure if any of this might be slightly different but here’s how I would set up a 10% discount for an order.

Click “Add Cart Promotion” to start creating your Promotion.

Fill in all information you want to fill in on the General tab.

Click “Conditions” to put in the stipulations for the coupon. If you want to have a coupon code then you would click “Add Condition” then select “Coupon code” from the list. Put in the code you want the customer to enter during checkout. You can assign additional conditions by clicking “Add Condition” for each additional one. If there are no other conditions then click “Bonuses.”

Click “Add Bonus” to put give the 10% discount to the order. Select “Order Discount” from the list of available Bonus types. If you want 10% removed off all products on the order then select “By percentage of the original price” from the list which appeared after you selected “Order Discount.” Type 10 in the empty text box to the right.

Save your promotion and it should now be available for customers to use.

  • Make sure the promotion was set to “Active” on the General tab and the effective dates have been set correctly or it will not be available. *

    Hope this helps.



Guess we were all answering at the same time! :slight_smile:

I think so… thanks for the help. :slight_smile: