Discount Banner Moved Over

Hi, Is it possible to move the Discount Banner on product images over to the left a little more? If so how?


For this you have to change CSS in product_data.tpl file in your_theme/templates/common.

you can use inline CSS for span

where span id="line_prc_discount_value_{$obj_prefix}{$obj_id}"

Thank You, where would I find _theme/templates/common?

( Can follow instructions, but not efficient in programming )

Found the file and line, but exactly am I changing?


After making changes in file you have to clear cache.

(var/cache) . To clear cache you have to delete cache dir.(or you can rename it to cache1..)


Please share the URL where we can check how it is displayed now. I think, we will be able to provide you with the CSS code. It allows to exclude changes in the core files and problems with the future upgrades

Hi,here is the URL

the words run off the page.

Also how do I change the color of the text.

Try to add the following code to the CSS section of the theme editor:

.tygh-content .thumb-discount-label {
background: #b4a7d6;
border-radius: 25px;
width: auto;
.tygh-content .thumb-discount-label ul li {
width: auto;
.tygh-content .thumb-discount-label ul li span {
color: red;
.tygh-content .thumb-discount-label ul li span:before {
content: ‘’;

(!) Not tested

just at the bottom?

Okay, it worked, but I have a funny looking icon on the product page:

HI eCom, it worked, but when I go out of Theme editor it goes back to what it was

HI eCom, it worked, but when I go out of Theme editor it goes back to what it was

It should not work like that. If you added this code to the CSS section, it should work on all pages with and without active theme editor. Try to contact theme developers with this issue