Discount Applied Only To Certain Number Of Products (Case Discount)

I have a client who wants to apply a 10% discount when a client builds a Case of Wine, which is 12 bottles. Is there a way to apply the discount only to those 12 bottles, not just any products over 12? He only wants the discount to be applied to sets of 12, not the entire cart.

Is there any way to manipulate the parameters of the promotions in order to accommodate his request?

Is this any wine selection? I.e. customer purchase 15 bottles, discount applied to only 12 what you want?

Yes, I believe that is exactly what they looking for.

One of the merchants on the forum should be able to give you a promotions setup (conditions and bonsues) to enable this. I think it should be doable within the existing promotions system.

You might open a support ticket with helpdesk and ask them if no one else responds (unless they give you the "additional code modifications are necessary" response).

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I believe he's wanting to allow his customers to build their own "box" with content of their choice.