Disappointing Review Of Mysticthemes.

My experience with MysticThemes from the begining.[list=1]

[]March 13 we purchased Veridu theme from here

]We purchased extended support and installation package. Deadline for the job was 48 hours after payment is received

[]March 24 we got message from MysticThemes that Veridu on CS-Cart 4.1.3 have some ugly bugs. So Veridu was changed to Riviera.

]Unfortunately Riviera too had some ugly bugs.

[]By April 1 was fixed bug with dropdown menu

]April 04 I found a bug with picture sizes - no answer from MysticThemes till April 09

[]April 09 found critical bug with product filters

]April 16 finally got an answer from MysticThemes - they say “still investigating”

[]No answers from them till April 22. No answers to my letters no changes on site

]May 6 finally was fixed the bug with filters.

[]May 7. another serious bug was found with page flipping.

]Today May 20. No answer from MysticThemes. No nothing.


So… That is my experience. Maybe someone will be luckier than me. I can't say it was my worst experience with programmers, but MysticThemes definately need to work with their customer support.