Disappearing social icons - fixed

This is little annoying bug that I fixed and I thought I'd just share it with everyone in case it happens to you.

(Version 4.0.3)

If you try to edit the social block at the bottom of the page, and you want to edit “content”, it opens the wysiwyg editor automatically and removes the icons, leaving only the text. So if you save (wether you make changes or not), the icons are gone.

To get them back, you need to click on “source” (I use the CKEditor, I couldn't find “source” on Redactor wysiwyg), and add this line anywhere you want the icon:

Once you save it, it's fixed. But if ever you want to edit it again, you'll have to paste in the icon code.

Here's the original code if you want:


Find us on Facebook


And for Twitter:

Find us on Twitter


I had the same issue and even after saving a bunch of times it kept deleting the icons, so this is what I did to fix it.

I went to manage blocks, created a new block “SocializeME” with template "HTML block with Smarty Support, then I just replaced the “Social links” with my new “SocializedME” block and deleted the other block “Social links”

Thanks for sharing your fix fishtail, it got me started.