$ disappeared how to bring back?

The $ disappeared from my product listing. How do I add this back?

I'm sure this is my fault but I don't recall what change I made to make the $ disappear.

You can see it here http://www.compactdiscount.com

This could have been done in 2 ways I can think of, most likely:-

Administration>Currencies>Edit (Currency Name)

The 'Sign' field will be empty, in this case, you need to enter the currency sign (ie. £, $, etc) in hex format, for instance:

£ = £

€ = €

This will ensure you have no issues with character encoding on various browsers/operating system setups.


Deleted the currency code from one or more templates, in which case it shall likely be:


You can go to Design>Design Mode>View Storefront in Customization Mode. Go to the product page. Where the price is displayed, in your case where the '2' is on the product page, you will see an edit icon, which will allow you to click on /common_templates/price.tpl - click that, and then click the 'Restore from the Repository' button.

Thank you. The 1st one worked.