disallow duplicates?

In my cart I have a product filter to filter out by color. However, the colors are in the variants so the main image that returns is not always consistent with the color. If you click “pink” you got several main image colors rather than all pink. So in order to return pages that have all pink images, I had to create duplicate products for each color with matching main image. I placed them in folders under the each subcategory called “color” and hid the folder.

So the question is, do I disallow google from all the “color” folders, or just let it be and have my items have duplicate content? I did change some fields such as the meta and the page title, but this is not really enough to avoid duplicate content.

There are several ways to solve this kind of problem:

  1. Try to create enough unique content for each variant of product
  2. Using canonical tag that point to the main product which contains all the colors