Disallow changing of memeberhship


I was wondering if we can disallow member to change their membership level.

That is, if there have sign up and select Gold membership, once they have sign in and view their account. All they could see is thir level of membership but do not have the option to change it.

If anyone can help it will would be great!

I was also wondering to apply this feature. It seems a little bit silly the client can choose his own level…

Did anybody get it?

This would probably only need some small changes in the templates.

I only have one level of membership so in the signup from I changed the selectbox to a hidden field and it works great for me.

Not sure how you’d do it if they can initially select a level but it could probably be done just in the templates with no code changes needed.


I already thought to change the template, but I could not find the exact file I’ve to change.

Can anybody please give me a clue?

I think the idea of creating a hidden input is the best option for me.