Disablink linking ability in the Required products tab


In Common templates\popupbox.tpl, I have this code:

<a id="opener_{$id}"{if $href} class="{if $link_meta}{$link_meta} {/if}cm-ajax cm-ajax-cache" href="{$href}" rev="content_{$id}"{/if} onclick="{$edit_onclick} jQuery.show_picker('{$id}', '', '.object-container'); return false;">{$link_text}</a>
```<br />
<br />
This code allows the user to click on the related products (see screenshot). <br />
<br />
I want to disable the hyperlink ability on this code so that the text shows but the user cannot click on it... Can somebody help me achieve that?<br />
<br />
 I'm not sure how to take off the <a id>...</a> without messing up this piece of code...<p><a href="">links.jpg</a></p>

change that line to just:


Hopefully there will be no JS errors.

Here is the thing, I have a JS popup script that shows content when user hovers over the text… I know it’s part of this code too and don’t want to tamper with that part of the code, I just want to strip the linking part.


Try without HREF tag

Try changing a to span but it might break some css