Disabling / Removing Items Off Of "my Account" Bar

I’d like to be able to remove the “Downloads” link in the “My Account” Sidebar when viewing a product category. None of my products need to be downloaded and I feel like it’s a waste of screen real-estate and will be confusing if just left.

I tried deleting the words in languages, but that left an unsightly gap that I definitely do not want.

I’ve also tried finding an add-on for it, which does not exist, and also editing the my_account.tpl.

However, even after deleting the link found in the my_account.tpl, I still have that stupid little link pop up.

Could someone please point me in the right direction as to where I may find the file that hosts this elusive piece of code, so that I may rip it’s little 1’s and 0’s from my site :)

Please and thanks!

old thread but have a look here

[url=“How to remove "Downloads" from "My Account"? - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]How to remove "Downloads" from "My Account"? - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

After editing a template you must clear the cache to see your changes, or FTP into the cache folder for templates/customers and delete the %%28^284^28480BCA%%my_account.tpl.php file.

Thanks for help!

@Johnbol1 - I had already followed each of those steps, but CS-Cart 4 has a much different layout then CS-Cart 2 accordingly to file structure apparently.

@Magpie Don - Your solution was the one that worked, though it took a little while to find the file. Bit of an inconvenience if you ask me. Especially for a CS-Cart beginner such as myself!

Rather than clearing files via FTP etc I toggle the Rebuild Cache automatically setting on while I save the change and turn it off when finished. That's always picked up every change I've made without fail.

It's under Design/Template Editor/Development Settings.