Disabling Comment and Reviews selectively

Is there any way to disable comments and reviews in just one of the locations (ie. News) without disabling all of them?

There used to be individual drop down option lists in v2 that allowed me to select Communication, Communication and Ratings, Rating, or Disabled. Now that option list only exists for Testimonials.

If I understood you correctly, you need to go to Website->Site News, then click on the Edit link on the particular news and choose the necessary option in the Communication select box.

I see now that the option is at the individual item level, just like products.

Thank you.

I only ask because I've got a problem with what appears to be bots submitting to the comments forms - I don't know how they get around the image verificatio as, I've strengthened the image to 6 characters, darkened the grid, added colors to the font… nothing seems to matter and I continue to get junk comments submitted. I decided to just disable it for a while until they go away.