Disable Vendor Override of Global Reward Points

Can anyone help me edit the proper file to disable two of the checkboxes in the Reward Points vendor menu tab?

I do not want my vendors to be able to override my global reward point settings. I only want them to have the ability to have their products purchased using points (so I will leave that checkbox alone). See the attached file.

Thanks in advance…

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 5.05.34 PM.png

There are a number of odd permission errors like this. I'm trialing the 30 day version… not sure I will pay for the full version since there are so many errors like this and no real information on how to work around them. This seems a very expensive way to go if I am going to have to keep chasing for information and hacking at code to make the thing work - may as well go to Drupal and just roll my own…

Hi does any one solved this issue? As currently I'm having the same issue like “ShowStuff”, and I would like disable all of related reward points function from my vendors, even in product option earned points setting.

It will be really appreciate that if some one can share the information.

Also to me, Im currently using demo version and also consider to purchase the one time license of MV, I hope my decision can made ASAP after the restriction of reward points issue can be solved.

Thank you in advance.