Disable Tabs in Order Detail

I'd like to disable Tabs on the Order Details page (see attached). I do not want to display Shipment Information.

I'd appreciate if anyone could advise as I can only see how to disable tabs in the Product Detail page, not Order Detail.

Thanks in advance.


There is a setting to disable that tab, I have done that for myself but can't locate it now.

Hi @dextrous,

#on file controllers/customer/orders.php

if (Registry::get('settings.General.use_shipments') == 'Y') {

if (Registry::get('settings.General.use_shipments') == 'Y' && 1==2) {

#on file skins/[SKIN_NAME]/customer/views/orders/details.tpl

{if $settings.General.use_shipments == "Y"}

{if $settings.General.use_shipments == "Y" && 1==2}

[ Tested on CS-Cart v.3.0.6 Professional ]

I hope that helps,


I remember now, simply uncheck

settings->General->Allow users to create shipments

Should work fine.

Thankfully deselecting the Create Shipment setting in Admin worked perfectly so the solution didn’t require any code changes.

Thanks for your time and responses Valentine and Shikhar.