disable no. of stock

Is it possible to disable the message in stock x items when an individual product is shown.

yes search for something like - in stock yes/no mod

In product_details.tpl,

Comment out:

{if $settings.General.inventory_tracking == 'Y' && $settings.General.allow_negative_amount != 'Y' && $product.amount <= 0 && $product.is_edp != 'Y' && $product.tracking == 'B'}
{elseif $product.is_edp == 'Y'}
1 ({$lang.text_edp_product})



and replace with

{if $product.is_edp == 'Y'}



I was wondering if you could help with your genius…

There was a thread a while back where it would show “in stock” instead of stock number. However, it didn’t work when you had product options. Any thoughts on how to make this work?

You mean this?


Because that should have no effect on options. At least as far as I know. I’ve tried this before, but I’ve never used product options.

I tried that one a while back. If you have 0 smalls and 1 large, it shows smalls are in stock too… I’d like to be able to put “backordered”.

Sorting it with product options requires a javascript file to be edited.

I have done this - but really a mate did it - I will try and find what I edited and post it for you but you may have to wait a few days.

If not there by Monday nudge me.

That would be great! Thank you!

I thought it would be more useful as a separate post for forum members.

It is here