Disable Checkout

I’m setting up a new store and right now I don’t want customers to actually be able to purchase the goods.

I want the checkout to be disabled.

I’m thinking forward them to a contact form to contact us due to the complexity of options we have in our line of work.

Is there any easy way to do this or am I going to be template editting?

I wanted to ask before I started hacking a way :stuck_out_tongue:


If you leave the product price as 0.00 then a note will display reading “(Contact us for a price)” and there will not be an add to cart button displayed.

Yeah I thought about that, but what my wife is looking for (The actual owner of the store :p) … Is for people to rack up products then instead of an online checkout it’s sends them to a contact form so that she can get more information from them to complete their order.

Let’s see if I can make an example. Let’s say she has a picture frame for sale for 1 dollar. Once someone goes to checkout with that picture frame she wants them to get a contact form that shows the frame and asks a few questions:

Color, Name inscribed, etc.

They hit submit and contact that customer and get to work on it.

I realize that we can do it with options for the products, but she wants it to be a more personal experience.

I hope that makes sense.

I see that if I checkout.tpl file for the skin I’m using I can give a friendly message of something like:

[QUOTE]At this time online checkout is disabled.

This is designed to better assist you.

We invite you to fill out the following form to complete your order and contact our representatives or feel free to call: XXX-XXX-XXXX to complete the order over the phone.[/QUOTE]

If I can figure out how to pull the items out of the cart for input into a text area … I’d be good to go.

Either way is fine … I’d like to find a simpler way if possible.

A follow-up question:

Is it possible to disable the cart?

That way the prices still show on the products but people just can’t purchase them?

That may be the best solution here.

I don’t believe that is possible without custom code modifications as there have been a few users asking to setup their store as a “Catalog only” site.

Snorocket is working on a Quotation manager mod for CS-Cart, perhaps this would be best suited for what you are trying to accomplish!

Looks like I’m hitting the code tonight then :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your time.

Ah I found a simple and very happy solution.

  1. I made a backup of: views/products/components/buy_now.tpl
  2. Then removed all instances of: {$smarty.capture.add_to_cart}

    That just got rid of the add to cart button which essentially eliminates the cart :slight_smile:

    Then in the future if she wants it back I can just restore the backup.

    I figured I would post my simple/hack solution in case anyone finds it useful :slight_smile:


    I wanted to take the Empty Cart, etc out of the header so I:

  3. Took the Cart tab out of the Top Menu in the admin panel
  4. Took out the entire
    out of top.tpl