Disable Ajax notifcation on Checkout

After user fill the account fields on checkout page ajax notification is shown. I am trying to find out how to remove it. I tried with this :

On Line #1058 - #1061 of core.js:

// Close notification message

closeNotification: function(key, delayed, no_fade, delay)


var DELAY = typeof(delay) == ‘undefined’ ? 5000 : delay;

and make the 5000 to 1 but it is still showing and not fading out - it is always there until the user close it?

I figured out how to do this…

edit core/fn.users.php around line 1206 & 1209 comment out the lines that begin with fn_set_notification like this:

//fn_set_notification('N', fn_get_lang_var('information'), fn_get_lang_var('text_profile_is_created'));