Direct Link To Write Review On A Specific Product Page


is there a direct link to "Write a review" (popup) on a given product page?

The button itself has a weird link: /index.php?dispatch=discussion.get_new_post_form&object_type=P&object_id=2586&obj_prefix=&post_redirect_url=index.php%3Fsl%3Dnl%26dispatch%3Dproducts.view%26product_id%3D2586%26selected_section%3Ddiscussion%23discussion

But when copied to a new window it generates a 404.

A direct link would help us ask for product reviews more effectively and easier for the customer (straight to popup instead of to product page + find the button).

It depends on the theme. On default theme you can add to the URL anchor


where 5 - product ID